Prince Edward was originally named Mr Potatohead by Woody, but we finally changed his name to Prince Edward. He is a burmese dumbo rattie with special needs. He has hydrocephalus so we don't know how long he will live, if his condition will affect his lifespan at all. Not much is known about that condition in rats. But he is such a sweet little boy, I fell in love with him the minute I saw a picture of him, that little face could steal anybody's heart at first glance, how could I not fall for him!?

I knew right then and there that I wanted to give him a home, to give him the love and care he needs and deserves. I will try and update on his development as often as I can, like a diary with pictures. I have a feeling he will thrive better on his own now that he has no other rats to beat him to the food bowl. He has been with us one week so far and has gained about 18g. he was half the size of his brothers when I got him a week ago, 106g at 6 weeks. He is a ickle boy, he is lovely and sweet. He is very active and eats his soft foods with impressive appetite! He is a true Little Prince, My "Petit Prince". Saint Exupery had nothing on my boy! Ohhhh I love you my little Prince! :)

RIP Prince Edward 20/02/03 - 17/12/05

AlienRat Angel

I took ages to write about PE's death simply because I could bear to think about it. Months on, my eyes well up when I think of you my sweet little boy. Such a special little boy, he lived to 22 months old in theend, and he died at home. I think his condition just took over, he just sort of shut down one night, went lethargic and I knew that come morning he would be gone, I stayed up with him most the night, I think he waited for me to go to sleep to slip away. Here's a tribute to him I wrote a little while back. I wrote it on the day he would have been 2 years old:
Today, PE would have been 2 years old. I have not written anything before because I could not bear to. I could hardly speak his name with a dry eye and still find it difficult. And today he would have been two and that makes today a sad day in my heart, it feels as if PE should have been here still, even if he lived a lot longer than anyone expected him to, it seemed like he would live forever and I wish that would have been possible.

He was a special little boy, he was such a happy soul, carefree and loving, he had a simple mind, so simple things made him happy. He loved running, he could run for hours on end. More than anything, he loved life. Apart from his moments where he momentarily forgot to feed himself and then bounced back quickly, he was a healthy little boy, he was strong and he had a will to live. He never had respiratory problems, no lumps no bumps (apart from a tiny abscess in his cheek which was a non-event, it popped and healed and disappeared!), he was an amazing little man. Despite what some cruel people might think or say, he chose life, he chose to stay around as long as he did, because he was happy and strong.

I want to remember him today and pay tribute to one of the most beautiful little rats that roamed this earth and probably one of the biggest heartbreakers of them all. He will be loved forever and never forgotten.

Happy birthday my little bear, I love you lots and I wish you were still here today to celebrate.
4th April 2004:
Prince Edward arrives to our home.

5th April 2004:
His first full day with us.

8th April 2004:
PE exploring the sofa and cuddling me.

16th April 2004:
Enjoying ears scritches!

20th April 2004:
Exploring the bed, he is starting to look a bit fuller now :) Growing boy!

21st April 2004:
Having a play on the sofa! (he now weighs 161g!)

24th May 2004:
He is a healthy boy, he now weighs 204g and he is still happy :)

Chillin' out with mum!

Mmmmm! Dog biscuit!

Doing what he does best ;) Pee!!!!!!

26th June 2004:
236g, we're getting there! Ah yes, in case you are wondering about his mucky nose, it's not porphyrin, it is dried baby food. A feature on our boy now ;)

20th February 2005:
PE's 1st birthday!

I have tons of PE pics, I will add them soon so we can all remember him... Back to pics

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