(We only support ratteries who do not cull)

Misfit Rats
Some of the most spoiled rats the other side of the pond.

A very useful site about rat care, rat health and other info. Great help if you are new to rats or are planning on getting some.

A great place to find out more about rats, get help and advice and share your stories with other rat lovers.

The Rats of Alpha Centauri
Estelle Sandford's gorgeous rats in the West Country. Loads of useful info on rats on this site. Worth a good look around!

Hawthorn Rattery
toyah's lovely rats in Paisley (she breeds them in other colours too! ;)

Sonoran Rats
Them great rats in Scotland! Spoiled and beautiful!

Little Rascals Rattery
An Australian rattery with sweet ratties :)

Raggy Rat Company
They make really neat rat stuff...

The Rat Defence Agency
"This is where the campaign against media mis-representation of the much maligned Rat begins!"


Our very own Rat shop, visit the fab Rat Warehouse!

Gadgets and things you want but don't need.

AlienRat Basecamp
Cool AlienRat and Rat in Black T-shirts and hoodies. The site also has games and stuff to read, chatroom and a forum.


A knowledgebase 20 questions game.

AlienRat Designs
Us again, our "serious" site. We made this site you know!

Rat the Movie
A great fillum starring a Rat!


The Onion
Good news!

The Register
Premier IT news site with a cynical twist.

I will be adding links constantly as I find them. I will not add links to ratteries who cull or people who support culling.
If you find a problem on a website linked here, contact the website in question, not me, as clearly, I am not responsible for what they have on there!

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