Here are some clips of our rats.

This first one is Buffy playing in water. We lost Buffy November 2000. She was a sweet rat, very independent, she had a lot of rat stuff to do. Anyway, she loved water, for some reason. Here she is, in action. Buffy the submarine
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RealVideo (128k)

Dominique (aka Domdom) celebrated her 1st birthday on the 30th of October 2000. She sure has some strong little lungs! Domdom the Lungs of steel
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Two babies trying desperately to get underneath each other. The Baby Rat Twirl!
MPEG (668k)
Rats in the night. We have left the video camera running all night, taking one frame every 30 seconds. Rats are busy when we are asleep!

Timelapse Rat Movie
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