Buffy the Yogurt Drop Slayer!

Buffy was one good rat, a thinker, a wise rat. The best climber I've ever seen. It was vertical, she'd climb it! She came to our home, a poor neglected baby rescued from a bad pet shop. She was kept in a jewellery case, her two sisters had just been adopted. She came home with us, a scared little thing, got introduced to Willow who had been an only rat for a year and got beaten up regularly for 6 weeks. Yet she loved Willow with all her heart. One left hook, boing, she was back to Willow "Will you be my friend?"... She grew up to be a big squishy rat (who didn't really like being squished!) and she is dearly missed. These pictures are only a few, we'll be adding more as we dig them up! On these she was still a wee lass...

Here you can hear what Buffy sounded like heard through a bat detector as we tickled her tummy!
MP3 - 162k

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