Since recently, we live in the West Country, in the UK. Sab (me!) came from Canada to meet Woody (him!) in 96 after they met on the net. We got married in june 98 and just love rats, and have rats and will always have rats! Here's a pic of us on our blissful day.

Sab is a website designer/developer and she was also in a band when she lived in Montreal. The band was called SisterMary. Here are two MP3's for you to download:

Mother Moon and the Pain
The Beauty of it All

She also has another website where you can buy cool AlienRat tee-shirts and play games, post on the forum or chat live on irc. That website is AlienRat Basecamp.

Woody is a senior software engineer and presently on various contracts for our very own AlienRat Design Limited

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